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UK Student Climate Network

This coming Friday, 20 September, is the Global Climate Strike – with more than 150 countries round the world taking part. Details of the London strike action are included on, from which you will see that people are assembling at Millbank at 11 am. While you can of course go there, Friends of the Earth groups are assembling – also at 11 am – on Parliament Square by the statue of Nelson Mandela – which is in the south-west corner of Parliament Square, the opposite corner to the statue of Winston Churchill (map here); we would encourage you to assemble here with other Brent people – we will be joining up with the main group in due course.


Before that, however, we are organising a local action outside the Brent Civic Centre ( between 9.30 and 10 am (so that we can go from there to the main London strike at 11 am). The Council (much to their credit) has followed up their climate emergency declaration with allowing all Council staff (subject to ensuring no disruption to services) to take a half-hour “on strike” to be at the event in support of the Global Climate Strike. We in turn want to support the striking Council staff by adding to their numbers – and we will also be bringing placards to provide a photo-opportunity which should help publicise the Global Climate Strike locally. Speakers will include:


  • School student from local secondary school

  • Andrew Lawrence (member of Brent Friends of the Earth for several years, written extensively on green energy and climate jobs).

  • Richard Lynch, GMB Union

  • Dawn Butler MP (To be confirmed)

  • Cllr Krupa Sheth (Brent Council Environment Lead)

  • Chairing the event - Jenny Cooper, Brent NEU Joint Secretary

And from the Wembley Matters Blog:

Local environmental activists, including Friends of the Earth and Divest Brent; trade unionists, politicians and parents are planning to answer the call from Greta Thunberg and other youth activists adults to support the global climate youth movement by assembling at Brent Civic Centre at 9.30am on Friday September 20th in a display of support and solidarity. There will be a wide range of speakers united in recognising the urgent need to address the climate emergency.

Brent Council has given permission for staff to join the rally for 30 minutes as long as they seek their manager's permission and there is minimal impact on service provision.
Brent recently adopted a motion declaring a Climate Emergency and is planning to set up a a Citizens' Panel on Climate in October, Brent National Education Union is urging its members to take creative action on the day:

NEU letter