Submitted by ian on Mon, 23/01/2023 - 14:26

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Please sign our petition calling on the government to take action on the energy crisis and the need for warm homes.

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Millions of us are trapped in heat-leaking homes that are damp, cold and expensive to keep warm. Too many of us face the impossible choice of keeping the heating off this winter to afford to buy food.   

Meanwhile soaring gas prices fuel the cost of living and the climate crisis. And oil and gas companies make record-breaking profits. Our energy system is failing us. 

We have the solutions to keep warm, cut energy bills and reduce emissions. But we need our government to act now. 

We need emergency support for those struggling to pay their bills and to insulate our heat-leaking homes. And we need to rebuild our energy system so that it puts people above the profits of the fossil fuel industry. 

Together we can win the fight for warm homes that don’t cost the earth. Can you play your part and sign our petition today? 


To: UK Government 

I demand the UK Government acts now to:

Provide urgent additional financial support to keep people warm. 
Fund an emergency programme to insulate our homes. 
Transform our failed energy system to work for people and planet, not profit.