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The Time is Now
Tulip Siddiq Virtual Lobby
Lobbying Tulip Siddiq (second from top, left)


Dawn Butler Virtual Lobby
Lobbying Dawn Butler (Top Left)

Brent FoE took part in this action organised by The Climate Coalition on June 30th.

Activists from all over the UK came  together for a virtual lobby, urging MPs to put people, climate and nature at the heart of our nation’s recovery. 

The UK is at a turning point. As we build back from the current health crisis, we have the opportunity to rebuild a resilient economy that benefits everyone in society and tackle climate change and nature’s decline, creating jobs and protecting the most vulnerable in the UK and around the world. Or we can let the moment for change pass us by, go back to old ways and wait for new crises to hit. 

Brent Central MP Dawn Butler wrote to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, following the Lobby:

Dear Chancellor,
As the Government sets out its much needed recovery plan for the UK economy post Covid-19, I am writing to ask that you ensure that these plans are green and are fair.
I hope that you will agree with me that green jobs and livelihoods must be at the heart of the economic recovery. Covid-19 has, understandably, distracted us from the issue of climate change but the threat of massive disruption, extremely costly in every way possible, is as present as ever.
As you will know, the Prime Minister has spoken of significant infrastructure building; all this building clearly needs to be planned in line with the best practice for mitigating climate change.
Instead of propping up declining, polluting industries that aren’t fit for purpose I believe we must future-proof livelihoods now by investing in cleaner, fairly paid and sustainable jobs. This needs to include re-training workforce's to ensure that everybody, wherever they live within the UK, can access decent work with a fair wage.

I specifically agree with Friends of the Earth that the Government should:

1. Create 40,000 new jobs and eradicate fuel poverty by rolling out a massive programme of home insulation.

2. Help transition workers from failing polluting industries into clean ones with a dedicated transition fund

3. Guarantee green jobs or training for those made unemployed because of Covid-19

4. Invest in making cycling and walking safe and easy for everyone

5. Reduce air pollution to World Health Organisation standards by 2030 including by investing additional money annually in clean, affordable public transport

6. Ensure access to high quality green spaces for all and create a new legal Right to a Healthy Environment

7. Meet our historical responsibility by providing significant climate finance to support the transition of the world’s poorer nations

8. End UK government investment in overseas coal, oil and gas projects and shift public spending into renewables and supporting a fair transition for workers

9. Only do trade deals that guarantee the highest standards of environmental and public health protection

10. Provide the nations and councils with significant new powers and the funding they need to deliver an inclusive and green recovery in their area

I hope you will agree with me, and Friends of the Earth, that now is the time to take ambitious and decisive action to protect jobs and our future environmental sustainability.

Yours sincerely,

Dawn Butler MP
Labour Member of Parliament for Brent Central

Bunting stall in Queens Park

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The final of our stalls making bunting with messages to send to COP26 took place outside the Queens Park Farmers' Market on October 17th.

It was a lively event, with adults and children joining in enthusiastically to decorate bunting pennants which will stay up outside Salusbury School for a while.

Below are some photos from the event, as well as a short video compiled by Martin Francis.



Bunting from Tulip Siddiq MP
Bunting from Tulip Siddiq MP

Demonstrate on 3rd and 6th November!

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The culmination of our actions leading up to COP26 in Glasgow will be two national Friends of the Earth events – one to support divestment (including Divest Brent) on Wednesday, 3 November and the big Day of Action on Saturday, 6 November.

We would be very pleased if you could make it to one or both events.

November 3rd 

Brent FoE Flood and Nature Walk 26th September - report and pics

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Nineteen people turned up for our walk along the Wealdstone Brook and River Brent, looking at the way this natural feature had been built upon and hidden, and highlighting the possible danger of flooding as climate change continues.

Martin Francis pointed out the route of the waterways, sometimes hidden under high tower blocks, with further development ongoing. Some parts of the walk took us through harsh concrete landscapes, some through much more pleasant environments, with well-used open spaces and some attractive meadowland (though in some places it was apparent that the invasive Japanese Knotweed still posed a threat).

The group paused at the pleasant shingle riverbank, where people made paper boats, which were adorned with messages about climate change, and launched into the water. Martin was also on hand to catch the boats downstream in his nets. Other boats made by Cllr Janice Long and Ruth Kitching, will be sent to Glasgow to be incorporated into an installation to be erected outside the COP26 meetings.

A more detailed account of the walk and issues behind it can be found on Martin's blog here.

Photos below are by Barney Laurance:


Martin talking

Our bunting stalls in Harlesden and Wembley

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Here are some pictures from our stall in Harlesden on 10th September and Wembley on 25th September. Lots of engagement with people of all  ages - children were particularly keen to send a message about what should be done to stop climate change. More reporting and pictures at….

 Next stall on October 17th in Queens Park. Details on front page.



bunting8   bunting3

Activities in the run-up to COP26

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In the run -up to COP26 (Conference of the Parties - an International Government Level Conference about Climate Change) Climate Action groups all over the country have been asked to be very active demanding much stronger action to combat Climate Change. Brent FoE has a number of activities plans. (see below OR click 'Read more' at bottom right) 

Can you help?

Hands holding earth