Inkjet Cartridges

Recycle your used, empty ink cartridges, and if they’re virgin inkjet cartridges then we get £1 for every cartridge you send in. We still encourage you to recycle your ink tank cartridges by this method, just we won’t benefit financially from it.

The process is simple:
1 see if the empty ink cartridges you have are accepted by Recycle 4 Charity by checking their wanted list here: There is a full list on the website of the sort of cartridges they need. (They even direct you to another recycling program for laser and toner cartridges, which they can’t accept.)

2 click on this link to set up an account with them, choose how you want to send your ink cartridges to them, by either freepost recycling bags or collection boxes. Or you can order both and get a recycling poster if you think you’ll have lots! These should get to you within 3-5 working days.

3 put the items to be recycled in the bag or box and return them to Recycle4Charity.

4 and we get paid quarterly for any virgin inkjet cartridges, which will allow us to do more local environmental action in Brent.

Thanks in advance!
And if you have any questions then do let Recycle4Charity or us know.