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More than 20 Brent FoE members and supporters gathered at lunchtime today (Wednesday 3rd November) outside the Barclays Bank Branch in Cricklewood, to point out and protest about the bank's woeful record on support for fossil fuels, deforestation and environmental destruction.

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Barclays demo



The demonstration was also supported by Brent Trades Union Council, members of the Labour and Green Parties, and many other local people.

Members of the public happily took our leaflets and were dismayed to learn of the extent of the bank's involvement in climate-destructive projects. Barclays customers said that they would look at moving their funds to more ethical banks, and we encouraged those who remained customers to put pressure on the bank to change its strategy.

We also took the opportunity to publicise the national actions on Saturday, including the London march for Climate Justice. Details of where in Brent to meet here

Write-up in the Kilburn Times can be found here.

barclays  barclays demo  

barclays demobarclays demo  barclays demo