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Report of our trip to the biggest ever lobby of Parliament in the Kilburn Times here.

Members of Brent FoE with Dawn Butler MP

Brent campaigners join Time is Now picket to demand action on climate change

PUBLISHED: 13:23 27 June 2019

Nathalie Raffray

Brent Friends of the Earth lobby Brent Central MP Dawn Butler at Time is Now climate change picket. Picture: Ian Saville

Brent environmental campaigners joined an army of activists who descended on Parliament to demand action on climate change before it's too late.


Members of Brent FoE opposite Parliament

Brent Friends of the Earth join Time is Now climate change picket. Picture: Ian Saville

"The time is now!" was the rallying cry at a mass picket attended by members of the Brent Friends of the Earth (BFoE) group and the borough's concerned constituents.

The march on June 26, organised by the Climate Coalition and Greener UK, was to make the Government wake up to the present danger of climate change and an opportunity to lobby MPs.

Plastic pollution, fossil fuel emissions and air pollution were amongst many concerns aired.

"The Government says a lot about climate change, but the actions taken are too little, too late," said Pamela Laurance.

Local neighbour Ruth Bradshaw added: "I'm here because the Government must do something about global warming much more quickly.

"We should aim to be carbon neutral by 2025, and must ban single use plastic as soon as possible."

Colin Hook, who volunteers with Marine Conservation, took up that theme: "If a load of rubbish was thrown in your house, you wouldn't like that, but would be able to do something because you are a human. Sea animals can't call someone to take away our rubbish, but have to digest it, with fatal consequences."

At 2pm the demonstrators rang thousands of bells to sound the alarm, and get Westminster to wake up to the imminent danger.

MP for Brent Central Dawn Butler came out to meet the group and listened to their concerns.

Dan Haines, who lives in Shoot Up Hill, told the shadow equalities minister of his concerns for his baby's future: "I want him to grow up with clean air - and bees!"

Ms Butler said: "It was great to meet constituents at the Time is Now mass lobby of Parliament. I agree that we need to act now on the crisis we are facing. That is why I voted against Heathrow expansion, and supported the Labour Party's motion in the House of Commons to declare an environment and climate emergency.

"I am also proud of the Labour Party's many strong policies to address climate change including creating 400,000 new green jobs, ensuring 60 percent of energy from low-carbon or renewable sources, a Clean Air Act, a huge expansion of wind and solar power, planting a million trees and much more.

"I will continue to work with colleagues in Parliament and locally in Brent to tackle the climate and environmental crisis."

A spokesperson for BFoE said: "The state of our environment really is an emergency, and the Government should act with that in mind."