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Here is the full version of the Brent FoE Hustings with:

  • Councillor Muhammed Butt (Labour) - Currently Leader of Brent Council
  • Councillor Anton Georgiou (Liberal Democrat) - Currently representing Alperton Ward
  • Sunita Hirani (Conservative) Candidate for Kenton Ward
  • David Stevens (Green Party) - Candidate for Welsh Harp Ward
  • chaired by locally based barrister, broadcaster and author, Hashi Mohamed

Speakers had an opportunity to outline their Party’s policy, and answer questions from local people on environmental matters. The meeting covered topics related to climate change, including questions on energy costs, housing, the natural environment, air quality, waste and other matters of concern to local people. About 50 members of the public attended.

You can find a record of the 'chat' from the event here.



The debate was lively but respectful, and was both preceded and followed by a straw poll of voting intentions. Results were as follows:

Poll before debate: 

Initial poll

Poll after debate:

poll 2

You may notice a slight discrepancy, in that the 'Not yet decided' option was not available in the second vote. However, the results are interesting.