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In the run -up to COP26 (Conference of the Parties - an International Government Level Conference about Climate Change) Climate Action groups all over the country have been asked to be very active demanding much stronger action to combat Climate Change. Brent FoE has a number of activities plans. (see below OR click 'Read more' at bottom right) 

Can you help?

Hands holding earth

Actions planned:

3.11.21 - Divestment Day of Action

Building Support for London March 6th November

Running stalls  Probable date - 10th September. Possible dates - 24th or 25th September, and 15th or 16th October.

Campaigning for local council to put their support behind the CEE bill (
When we get more info from FoE HQ. - Barry Gardiner MP and Dawn Butler MP have already backed this but not, it seems, Tulip Siddiq MP

Paper boat display (Probably combined with Flood walk)

Flood Walk (Probably combined with Paper Boat Display.)

Bunting Display (making campaigning bunting on a stall, with members of the public, then displaying it).

Posters to go in windows IF put out by FoE HQ nationally.

Film to be shown; "2040"? at Preston Community Library?

Children's Climate Change Poster Competition. With help from Brent Mayor and  local councillors 

Members of public asking Environmental Questions at Council meeting of 20th September
i) Re flood preparations  and ii)  re the Council reporting back publicly on their Climate Emergency declaration targets. Are they being met? Are they ambitious enough?  

Distributing  our climate change leaflets (Download a copy here - you can share with your friends)

Meeting up with the March from London to Glasgow, passing through Kilburn on Sept 6th, for people of faith. 

Brent FoE Hustings

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On April 8th We hosted an online Hustings, with members of the Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties answering questions of the public, Chaired very capably by local author and barrister Hashi Mohammed. Watch the full video above.


Campaigning in the crisis

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Covid-19 - How to campaign

These are unsettling times for us all, particularly the most vulnerable in our society. The most important thing you can do right now is to keep yourself, and the wider community, safe. If we are to be effective climate activists in the future, we need to look after our physical and mental wellbeing now.

Friends of the Earth wins campaign to protect the climate from Heathrow Third Runway

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no 3rd runway

Friends of the Earth Press Release:

Will Rundle, head of legal at Friends of the Earth, said “This ruling is an absolutely ground-breaking result for climate justice. We were fighting a project that would have had dire implications for present and future generations.”