Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Air Quality Testing, Brent, February 2017

During February 2017, Brent FOE measured the level of Nitorgen Dioxide at 9 locations in Brent, using Friends of the Earth Air Quality kits.  You can order a kit at to test the air quality at your location.

The EU LEGAL LIMIT for Nitrogen Dioxide is per annum 40µg/m3

All the locations tested, as shown in the table below, exceeded the limit and most were double the limit.

Brent Friends of the Earth have submitted comments to the Brent Air Quality Action Plan 2017 working with the LA to create an action oriented document. 

Brent Friends of the Earth are planning a schools campaign and if you are interested in finding out about this campaign and working on it, please contact us for more information or come to our next meeting.

The UK government has been taken to court for exceeding the limits of Nitrogen Dioxide and PM particulates in 2015 by Client Earth.  The UK government lost its case and was asked to clean up its act.  The UK government was taken again to the High Court in 2016 for preparing a tawdry plan, which the government again lost and has been asked to submit a new plan by April 2017 or risk being fined.  


Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at µg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre)

EU LEGAL LIMIT per annum 40µg/m3

Fryant Medical Centre NW9 9PE


Kingsbury tube Station, Kingsbury Road NW9 8XG


5 Berkeley Rd, NW9 9DJ


Roe Green Park, Children's playground NW9 9DT


14 Craven Park Road, Housewife Cash+ Carry NW10 4AB


Harlesden Library NW10 8SE


Opposite Greenhill Park Medical Centre NW10 9AR


Harlesden Primary School, Acton Lane NW10 8UT


Shakespeare Avenue Open Space (Nr. A404) NW10 8NG


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