Green Iftar in Queen’s Park at Rumi’s Cave

 Brent FOE was delighted to join and support the first Green Iftar in Queens Park London at Rumi’s Cave on Friday 25 May 2018.

Friends of the Earth donated 20 packets of Bee Friendly Wildflower seeds to add to the green gifts distributed to the 150 attendees!


Rabiah Mali of the Rabbani project said “Our first Green Deen Iftar is an opportunity to explore our responsibility as stewards of the Earth and the ways in which we can reconnect to the prophetic teachings of living in harmony with the environment and nature and how embracing these teaching are essential in deepening our spiritual understanding and experience of this blessed month”. 


“Why is it that for many of us, the month of Ramadan often means an increase in disposable plastics, food wastage and a doubling of meat in our diet? These habits are contributing to the global environmental crisis's but can this actually have equally detrimental effect on spiritual experience of this blessed month”. 


Following recitations from the Koran and sharing of ideas on how to go green, the guests enjoyed a plastic free, delicious 3 course vegan meal with seasonal and ethically sourced foods, herbal teas and drinks.


Brent FOE look forward to working jointly with the Rabbani project and Rumi’s cave in the future. 

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