Good news from our fracking campaign. Thousands asked your MP to attend today’s Westminster Hall debate. And it worked.

MPs from across the political spectrum turned up to a packed and heated debate, where government minister Claire Perry faced tough questioningover the government’s plans to fast-track fracking [1].

"The fundamental problems with [this policy] is that it takes local people's voices out of the discussion"  Lee Rowley, Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire.  

It’s crucial that we hold ministers to account for the decisions they make. And thanks to pressure from people like you, that’s exactly what happened in parliament today.
That’s not all that’s working. As well as our ever-growing petition, the government has been flooded with responses to its consultation on fast-tracking fracking. Hundreds of local councillors have signed our open letter against the plans. And local campaigns to oppose the proposals are popping up across the country.
Thank you for everything you’ve done so far.  
I’d also like to give a special mention to all the residents from Lancashire, and some of the other communities facing fracking, who came down to Westminster today and voiced their opposition to the government’s plans. It meant that both inside and outside parliament, the message was loud and clear – don’t force fracking on our communities.
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