30 November 2017 

Divest Brent members, including Simon Erskine (to the right of banner), supported by (to the left of  the banner) the Green Party’s Caroline Russell (London Assembly member) and Sian Berry (Camden Councillor) at City Hall campaigning with Divest London”

Climate change campaigners are urging Brent Council to take its money out of fossil fuels and are asking people to sign up to their petition on https://tinyurl.com/DivestBrent.

A new campaign group, Divest Brent, launched this week. The activists hope to put pressure on the Council to “divest” from the fossil fuel industry by withdrawing any money they have invested in companies involved in digging for or burning coal, oil and gas.


Recently published figures indicate that the Council has over £37 million invested in the fossil fuel industry through its pension fund.

Campaigner Simon Erskine, who is a member of Brent F

oE, explained that the divestment movement had already scored many victories in recent years and has become a powerful method of forcing organisations to consider their contribution to human-made climate change.

“It sends a message to the industry and it raises awareness of the issue.

“People may not already be aware of where their money is going and might be concerned to learn they are helping to finance the fossil fuel industry.

“Fossil fuels belong to the past; they are not the answer to climate change, they are the problem.

“In the same way, people no longer want to invest in tobacco or the arms trade”.

Brent Friends of the Earth member Cllr Lia Colacicco is upbeat about Brent accepting the divestment challenge “We are lucky that Margaret McLennan the Deputy Leader of Brent Council is right behind us on this. We are promoting the petition and she is also working with other London councils.  She says ‘There is strength in numbers so I am hosting a Labour Energy Forum to discuss divestment on January 27th, to which all are invited. Southwark have just declared they are divesting on financial grounds as well as ethi

cal - so why not Brent?’ ”

Earlier this month a protest was staged outside City Hall to call for the Greater London Authority to divest from fossil fuels. The London Assembly has already passed a motion requesting the London Mayor to do exactly that.

Organisations in the UK that have committed to fossil fuel divestment so far include Oxford and Bristol city councils, the University of Glasgow and the British Medical Association. A number of London Boroughs have also committed – including neighbouring borough, Hammersmith & Fulham.

Globally more than 800 instit

utions (from government, faith-based, philanthropic and educational organisations etc), representing well over $5 trillion in assets, have committed to divest.

Simon went on to say: “It’s really exciting to bring the fastest-growing divestment movement in history to Brent.


“We need to act locally and ensure our representatives do what’s right and invest ethically. The companies they’re investing in are creating devastating climate change, and are insecure investments financially.”

Divest Brent is part of the Fossil Free UK movement which is jointly organised by Friends of the Earth nationally with other climate change organisations. If you agree on the need to divest, please sign the petition on https://tinyurl.com/DivestBrent.  

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