Double the number of trees planted in the borough (we note that Lawrence Usherwood, Principal tree, is doing a great job and do let us know if we can support him in any way)


The council aims to double current planting numbers and has committed to planting around 18000 street trees. We aspire to plant more where we can as part of our commitment to help to improve the our environment and also the air that we breathe. A key challenge for the council, as well as considering the best locations for our trees, will be to secure sufficient resources to fund initial planting as well as regular maintenance.


Free charging for electric vehicles with 100 new charging points and 20 new hydrogen fuel points added each year to the borough.  This will serve as a reminder to motorists that it is easy to make the change to fossil free vehicles.


The Council has faced significant reductions to it's funding and currently we are not in a position to finance free fuel for residents and visitors to the borough.


We can make a commitment to installing charge points and subject to identifying suitable funding, we will aim for 100 charge points across lamp columns, rapid charge points and standard Source London charge points.


We would love to provide hydrogem fuel points but at the moment we cannot make a commitment to them as we we have not been able to see the demand for them. As the evidence emerges for their use we can look to revisit this as an option and we think it's more likely to be brought forward as private fuelling for businesses. One way forward for standard residents vehicles is that the fuel stations, such as BP, Shell, Esso etc. to cater for this demand as the main stay providers for fuelling vehicles.


We can commit to support the introduction of hydrogen fuelling stations.


 Press TFL to replace all diesel buses going through the entire borough by 2019, especially Chamberlayne Road where Clean Air Brent have estimated that 12,500 buses pass through this area each week.   Allocate and spend £6M of Neighbourhood CIL funds on cleaning up the buses through Brent.


We continue to lobby TfL for cleaner and greener vehicles and have a Low Emission Bus Zone for the A5. These zones were identified as the most polluted areas in London and Kilburn was identified as the most polluted area for Brent.


The Mayor has gone some way already in that all new buses procured will be electric from 2018, resulting in all buses being Euro VI by 2020. We feel that the commitment is already being met as soon as reasonably practicable by the Mayor already .


TFL seeks to secure developer contributions from developments to help mitigate against the impact of those developments and to help improve the bus service frequency reducing the need for a car in Brent. We also ask for car clubs within these developments and have engaged with various providers which now include electric vehicles as well.


Redirect all current incoming council investment funds into fossil free investments.  


We are committed to minimising our reliance on fossil fuels and are exploring options for this.  We are currently investigating the potential for divesting our investments and have started to look at this for our pension funds. We will update you once we have completed our assessment.



Advertise more widely to stop idling engines in the borough, starting with signs outside all schools, further education centres and along the most busy roads.


 No idling signs at locations identified by local residents and Councillors have already been installed . We plan to secure permission from all schools to install these signs as part of our ongoing work with schools. In addition, we are in the process of identifying other suitable locations in Brent where further work and awareness raising would be appropriate. 



Expand the ULEZ to cover the entire area of Brent by 2021.  This will raise significant funds which could pay for the items such as charging points etc. 


Brent Council’s response to the Mayor as part of the consultation response on an expanded ULEZ was for it to be London wide and not just North and South circular. We will continue to press for this. The funds go to Tfl and do not come to Brent.

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