Brent Walk for Change, 17th July

***** The Brent Walk for Change *****

Hello Friends. Would you like to join us? This will be a shared sponsored walk to enjoy ourselves, exchange ideas and to collect some change from our sponsors to help fund our groups. It is open to any voluntary organisations in Brent working for Environmental and/or Social Justice. You don’t have to fund-raise if you don’t want to.
It will take place on 17 th July 2016 starting at 2.30.
It is about 6 miles long with points along the way where people can join or leave.
We will start from Stonebridge Park Station and walk the Brent River Park path (kingfishers have been seen here) to Wembley Stadium area (Wembley Park Station) then follow Barnhill Road taking in the new Chalkhill Park, St David’s Open Space (orchard, BMX track, canal feeder – muntjac deer have been seen here). Birchen Grove (coffee/tea available at Garden Centre café if we are early enough), Welsh Harp to Silver Jubilee Park, cross into Fryent Country Park for a picnic on Gotsfords Hill then through the recently added Masons Field to Kingsbury Station.
We would be glad if your group would like to join us. If you would, then please contact the organisers, Martin Francis and Pam Laurance.
Contact details:
Martin - 07910 315 139
Pam - 07985 375 798
Martin is an experienced “Guided Nature Walker”. He runs the Brent Schools without Walls Scheme. Pam is one of the joint coordinators of the Brent Friends of the Earth Group
Martin will do a risk assessment of the route and both of us have insurance for our own groups but please note that each group is responsible for the health and safety of people coming from your group and for your own fundraising. (We have some fundraising forms we can email to you if you would like them.) I am attaching a map of the route.
If it rains on the day please phone to find out if we are carrying on or postponing.
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