Brent FoE Hustings - holding the candidates to account.

Brent Central Candidates Questioned on Green Credentials at Eco Hustings
Parliamentary candidates for Brent Central were questioned on their green credentials at Brent Friends of the Earth's Eco Hustings last Thursday in Willesden. 
Green candidate Shahrar Ali, Labour’s Dawn Butler, Conservative Alan Mendoza and UKIP's Stephen Priestley, along with Ollie Hayes, Campaigner for Friends of the Earth, were on the panel. FoE campaigner Rose Dickinson took the chair. The panel faced an audience of about 60 local residents and party supporters at the Learie Constantine West Indian Association.
John Boyle of TUSC, and the Liberal Democrats were also invited.

Climate change, fracking, fuel poverty, TTIP, industrial farming and air pollution were amongst the the issues discussed.

Viv Stein, Spokesperson for Brent Friends of the Earth says, “This election has come at a crucial time for our future. In order to avoid catastrophic climate change we need to leave 80% of fossil fuels in the ground, and invest in renewable energy instead. The current coalition promised to be 'the greenest Government ever' but have failed to live up to this. 

They've supported gas and oil companies with huge tax breaks, and damaged investment in green energy in the UK by cutting incentives for renewables.”

“It was good to hear all the candidates talking green, but they and their parties will need to deliver robust, joined up and sustainable policies to provide a secure future for us all.”

“We asked candidates to sign a pledge that they won't support fracking in Brent or elsewhere, but as yet only Labour, the Greens and UKIP have signed up.
You can check which candidates have signed the frack free pledge here.



The platform for our hustings. From the left: Ollie Hayes (FoE), Alan Mendoza (Con), Rose Dickinson (FoE/Chair), Dawn Butler (Lab), Stephen Priestley (UKIP), Shahrar Ali (Green). (All photos by Jonathan Goldberg).

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re: holding candidates to account

I realize now that responsibility for the environmental problems
to a great extent does lead to the feet of businesses that rely on things to keep cars moving etc etc.
However I also believe that positive change takes times
but the businesses that are causing the environmental problems
really need to "step up their efforts" to show us that they are striving towards being "green"
if they desire to win the confidence of the public.
I realize now that "being Green" should been the standard all businesses push forward to.

indiffrence leads to problems

5 months ago I reached the age of 48.
but yet I still not good with maths or writing and many other things.
but one thing I have learned is that when the public and big businesses and political leaders have an indifferent attitude towards the environment,
that inevitably leads to problems.
and because this indifferent attitude has not been challenged for such a long time,
the environment is messed up and can only get worse
unless the indifferent attitude is tackled.
gathering up and talking is a good start
but more needs to be done to get the message through to the public
and the government(s) need to redouble their efforts to force big business to do their bit to prevent things getting worse.