Divest Brent meeting update May 8 2018


On May 8 Brent FoE jointly hosted with Divest Brent an event  called “Keep it in the Ground” instead of the normal May monthly FoE meeting. The idea of the event was to launch Divest Brent formally and to build up the number of active supporters. Thanks to Deirdre Duff, the local authority divestment campaigner at national Friends of the Earth, who gave an inspiring presentation.  

Divest Brent - Keep it in the Ground






Divestment, or disposing of investments in fossil fuel companies, is all about preventing companies from raising the investment funds needed to extract fossil fuels, in particular coal, oil and gas, because these fossil fuels contribute directly to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. 

Over the last few months there have been many encouraging signs to indicate that this is happening:

1. Currently, according to the Fossil Free website (https://gofossilfree.org/uk/campaigns/), funds controlling over $6 trillion have committed to divest.

2. Just 4 months ago Norway’s central bank, which manages the country’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, suggested divesting from oil and gas.












30 November 2017 

Divest Brent members, including Simon Erskine (to the right of banner), supported by (to the left of  the banner) the Green Party’s Caroline Russell (London Assembly member) and Sian Berry (Camden Councillor) at City Hall campaigning with Divest London”

Climate change campaigners are urging Brent Council to take its money out of fossil fuels and are asking people to sign up to their petition on https://tinyurl.com/DivestBrent.

Heathrow Expansion: Brent Council's idea of stakeholder consultation

In November 2016 Brent FoE contacted Councillor Butt, Leader of the Council to voice our concerns over the Council's support of the Heathrow Airport expansion. See below for a copy of this letter and further correspondence. The response was vague and paid little more than lip service to our concerns. Today, some 10 months after our first letter was sent, we are yet to be shown any evidence to support the council's assertions and have been provided with no further detail of what the proposed robust mitigation measures to minimise the environmental impact of the expansion might look like... 
11th November 2016
Dear Councillor Butt,
We are aware that Brent Council’s policy for the last year or so has been to support the building of a third runway at Heathrow. We are writing to ask that you reconsider this stance.

Volunteers wanted with digital communications or outreach/networking skills

We are currently in need of a volunteers with digital communications and networking skills...

Digital Communications Officer (Volunteer)

Level: Entry Level

Location: Home-based

Preferred time commitment: Flexible (1-2 days a month on average)

Background to the role

We are looking for a creative, motivated, enthusiastic individual who is eager to gain experience working with a local organisation with strong connections to one of the UK’s leading environmental campaigning organisations. We are currently a small group of active members, hoping to increase in size. We have plans to ramp up our online presence, including the website and multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter), with the aim of expanding our network and reach and increasing group membership.

During your volunteering you could spend your time being involved in:

Drive a car? Get your emissions tested! Buying a car? Go electric!

A major cause of poor air quality is vehicle exhaust emissions.

If you drive a car:

- Make sure that your vehicle's emissions are tested regularly to help avoid excess air pollution. 

- Don't idle. You must turn off your engine if your vehicle is stationary. You can be prosecuted or fined by some local councils (including Brent) if you leave your engine running while stationary for more than a few minutes.

Thinking of buying a car?

Come and see us at Queen's Park Community School Carnival - 8th July

Brent FoE will be holding a stall at the annual Queen's Park Community School Carnival on the 8th July. It's always lots of fun so do come and say hello and catch up on Brent FoE's latest campaigns.

National Week of Action on Air Quality

Friends of the Earth is calling a national week of action for clean air from 24 June to 2 July 2017. To coincide, Brent FoE will be holding a street stall on Saturday 1st July at Kilburn Square

Brent Residents Choke

 On 5 May 2017 the government released its plan for improving air quality and is a call for action from Brent Council and the Mayor of London.  

The plan underlines the importance of the work being carried out by Brent FOE which has contributed to the evidence base indicating the illegal and dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air in Brent.